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Birds in the West

A collection of interesting, unusual and rare birds,

which have recently occurred in the Bristol area

and surrounding regions, featuring:


Chapter 01            Hawfinch 

Chapter 02            Glossy Ibis 

Chapter 03            Great Northern Diver 

Chapter 04            Black-throated Diver 

Chapter 05            Lesser Scaup 

Chapter 06            Whiskered Tern

Chapter 07            Long-tailed Duck

Chapter 08            Common Crane 

Chapter 09            Kingfisher 

Chapter 10            Avocet 

Chapter 11            Green-winged Teal

Chapter 12            Avocet chicks

Chapter 13            Spoonbill 

Chapter 14            Squacco Heron 

Chapter 15            Pied-billed Grebe 

Chapter 16            Scandinavian Rock Pipit

Chapter 17            Hoopoe 

Chapter 18            Snow Bunting 

Chapter 19            Twite 

Chapter 20            Woodchat Shrike 

Chapter 21            Wryneck 

Chapter 22            Desert Wheatear 


Running time: 60 minutes.

Released in November 2014, the clips shown above only feature some of the species on the DVD. For more information go to contact.

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