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On the 15th March:


A trip to Portland, where the best birds were a Firecrest and a Chiffchaff.


In Pakistan, 8 new birds and 1 new mammal today.











Photo: Oriental Honey Buzzard. 


In Kenya in Sokoke Forest, 14 new birds and 2 new mammals seen today. 











Photo: Golden Weaver. 


Overnight at Paul's again, in the morning he took us to St. Faith's Forest north of Norwich, where he showed us a Tawny Owl's nest he had been monitoring, which contained a female on three eggs. Also in the forest we saw 5 Roe Deer and 2 Muntjak.


On a visit to Cornwall to stay with Neil and Ella Hipkiss, Neil and I spent most of the day at Perranuthnoe and Mounts Bay.

There was no sign of the Hudsonian Whimbrel but we did see 20+ Shags, 2 Black-throated Divers, a Great Northern Diver, around 20 Turnstone, a Guillemot and 6 Little Egrets.

Then a drive around the bay, stopping at various points, but we still couldn't find the Pacific Diver!

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