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On the 23rd January:


In Tanzania where we spent the day at Lake Manyara National Park, 9 new birds seen. 






















Photo: Two-banded Courser.


In North Island New Zealand at the Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre, where I saw a Whitehead, a new bird.














Photo: Whitehead.



Shortly after the first flocks of Waxwings were reported in our region, there was a huge flock in the Easton area of Bristol. Reported as 500 or more birds, I saw around 400 in one flock, 377 birds were counted from one photograph. This was the regions largest ever flock of Waxwings, probably the largest ever for the southwest.

The flock split up, flying to feed in all directions before returning, at intervals, to several tall trees to rest and digest their meals of berries, all the time being harassed by a pair of local Mistle Thrushes, annoyed that their store of winter berries was being raided.







Video: Part of the large flock of Waxwings and                 single birds, also see here.




A visit to Sand Bay where in the Sea Buckthorn was a male Dartford Warbler, which showed now and again before diving into cover. A second bird was also seen which looked like a female or immature male, and there was possibly a third bird, although I only saw two birds at the same time.


A visit to the Forest of Dean, at Soudley Ponds there were 21 Mandarin Ducks and a small flock of Siskins. Then at Parkend Church there were lots of tits, Nuthatches and Chaffinches flying down to feed on seed, including 4 Marsh Tits. Also seen were 2 Ravens.

Marsh Tit 200123-01, Forest of Dean.jpeg
Nuthatch 200123-01, Forest of Dean.jpeg

Marsh Tit.


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