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On the 22nd April:


A visit to Frampton, where on the estuary there were a few waders, including 12 Whimbrel. At the pools we saw a few martins and warblers, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Treecreepers and a male Brambling which was almost in full summer plumage.


An evening visit to Chew Valley Lake where the best we could find were 2 Dunlin, 6 Common Sandpipers, a Yellow Wagtail and the long staying Long-tailed Duck.


Leading a Wingspan Bird Tour to Spain.


Leading a Wingspan/Ibis Bird Tour to Spain.


In Tunisia, one new bird seen today.


In Florida on a sound recording trip, 5 new birds and a new reptile seen today.
















Double-crested Cormorant. 


In Zimbabwe on a filming and sound recording trip, no new birds seen today.

Boulder Chat, song - Nigel Tucker
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