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On the 15th January:




Overnight in Mid Wales, in the morning we returned to the area along the A481 near Lyn Hillyn, where we had several more sightings of the Black Vulture, one a very close flight view. We also saw 2 Buzzards, 6 Ravens, a large finch flock of around 700 birds containing about 50 Bramblings, we also saw around 30 Yellowhammers, a Tree Sparrow, a Nuthatch and about 40 Stock Doves.

Later a drive around the Elan Valley, on one of the lakes was a Whooper Swan and a male and female Goosander.


In Fiordland South Island New Zealand, new birds today were Brown Creeper, and  Yellow-crowned or Yellow-fronted Parakeet.


















Photo: New Zealand Fantail.


A dull, damp afternoon visit to Tog Hill Farm near Wick. From the road the two Cattle Egrets were feeding in the nearest field but on the far side of it, and while I was there stayed at that distance.

Later I went east to Marshfield, to look around the farmland to the north. It began to rain, but I did see 2 small flocks of Golden Plovers perhaps totalling aound 60 birds, lots of corvids, 2 Kestrels, 3 Pheasants and a Buzzard, but no buntings.










Photos & Video: Cattle Egrets, also see here.


A brief late morning visit to Slimbridge where I only had time to view the Rushy pen and Tack Piece, seeing a stunning Grey Wagtail, c100 Bewick's Swans, 700+ Wigeon, 100's of Pintail, Pochard, Tufted, Mallard and Teal, 1500+ Lapwing, 500+ Golden Plovers, c200 Curlew, 5+ Ruff, 10+ Redshank, 30+ Black-tailed Godwits, 400+ Dunlin and 25+ White-fronted Geese. On the 'Dumbles' the Red-breasted Goose, of unknown origins, was with the Barnacle Goose flock and I also had a great view of a Cetti's Warbler and Water Rail.



Photos: View across the Tack Piece.


              Red-breasted Goose.


              Water Rail.



More Water Rail photos here.


A morning in the Cotswolds, firstly, at Park Corner near Daglingworth, west of Cirencester seeing a Great Grey Shrike, then a drive north and along the road between Calmsden and Chedworth seeing 2 Ravens and 2 Red Kites.

Great Grey Shrike 200115-1, Park Corner,
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