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On the 5th March:


Overnight in the round house, most of the day was spent around the camp.

                                           The Round House.                                                                                             Kate feeding the chickens.

                                                 The Hen House.                                                                                        John stoking the fire.

                                         Laurel visiting the pigs.                                                                                     Working the lathe


At work at British Aerospace in Filton where I saw a Merlin fly over.


In Israel, 4 new birds seen today.










Photo: White-spectacled Bulbul. 


In Pakistan, 1 new bird today and 5 White-tailed Plovers seen.










Photo: Pallas's Sea Eagle. 


In Kenya, at Buffalo Springs, 5 new birds and 2 new mammals today.











Photo: Rosy-patched Shrike. 

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