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On the 20th March:


A trip to Frampton, firstly visiting the estuary where the best birds we saw were a Jack Snipe and 3 male Greenland race Wheatears. 

At Court Pool we saw 2 Ruddy Ducks, 14 Chiffchaffs, heard a Willow Tit and saw a Water Vole.

Later, at Chew Valley Lake we saw a male Smew and a Merlin.


We were in the Nailsworth area of Gloucestershire, with a friend, John Dobson, at a cave site for bats. John had a licence to visit this cave and the key to unlock the grill. Inside we saw hanging from the roof 7 Lesser Horseshoe Bats and 9 Greater Horseshoe Bats, both new species for us.

Photos: Left: Greater Horseshoe Bat, above: Lesser Horseshoe Bat.


Our last day in Kenya, driving from Tsavo East to Nairobi, 2 new birds seen today.













Photo: Yellow-necked Spurfowl. 


The first part of the morning in the Everglades National Park, then a flight from Miami to Belize, 2 new birds seen today.












Photo: White phase Great Blue Heron. 


A visit to Chew Valley Lake with the sound recording equipment, among the many birds calling in the reedbed and on the water was a Bittern.

Later, a drive up to the Mendips where there were 4 Yellowhammers.

Bittern - Nigel Tucker
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