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On the 27th November:


A day at Chew Valley Lake where the best birds were 31 Goosanders, 74 Ruddy Duck, 9 Pintail, 2 Goldeneyes, 30+ Bewick's Swans, a Ruff and a Barn Owl.


A visit to Barrow Tanks/reservoirs where birds of note were 36 Shoveler, 3 Goldeneyes and a Water Pipit. Then to Chew Valley Lake where we saw a male and female Smew, the male in partial eclipse, 17 Goosanders, lots of Ruddy Ducks, 3 Bewick's Swans, 3 Great Northern Divers with one in almost summer plumage, a Bearded Tit and a Green-winged Teal.


A drive south to the Camel Valley and a walk alongside the river, where we eventually saw an immature male Belted Kingfisher, a new bird for us and a 2nd British Record. Also seen were 4 Grey Wagtails, 2 Firecrests, a Chiffchaff, 2 Kingfishers, Nuthatches, Goldcrests and Marsh Tits.

Painting and drawings


Laurel Tucker.

Belted Kingfisher, LAT 03, Camel Valley,
Belted Kingfisher, LAT 02, Camel Valley,
Belted Kingfisher, LAT 01, Camel Valley,


In Madagascar on a BBC sound recording trip, 1 new bird seen today.


In Australia, on a BBC sound recording trip, 23 new birds, 3 new mammals and a new reptile seen today.

Rufous Whistler. 

Rufous Whistler 01a, male, Kakadu, 29_11


A visit to Severn Beach where there was an adult Long-tailed Skua sat on the beach. Sat only a few yards away, it seemed in good condition and even flew towards us. 


A visit to Avonmouth Docks, where I had permission to film in the dock area, there were c30 Dunlin, c100 Lapwing, a few Curlew and Shelduck, and, 3 Black Redstarts, a male and 2 immatures.

Immature Black Redstart.


In the garden, in Portishead, were 10+ Chaffinches, 4+ Greenfinches, 2 Linnets and a male Brambling.

Brambling 10a, Portishead, 27_11_15.jpg
Brambling 02a, Portishead, 27_11_15.jpg




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