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On the 2nd June:


A visit to Chew Valley Lake where there were 10,000+ Swifts and 100's of House Martins over the lake, we also saw a Little Owl, a Grass Snake swimming, a Spotted Flycatcher, lots of warblers including the long staying Marsh Warbler and a Cuckoo, with 3 more heard.


Arrived in San Francisco leading a group on an Ibis Tour to California and Arizona.


In Russian Far East on a Sound Recording trip for the BBC series 'Realms of the Russian Bear'. A new bird seen today.


My second day sound recording seabirds on the Isle of May.






A visit to Slimbridge, only to the Rushy Hide where there was a pair of Cranes with a one-day-old chick and an unhatched egg in their nest. Also 2 Mediterranean Gulls, a 1st summer bird and a 2nd summer, there were several Avocets, some with chicks and a Green Sandpiper.

Common Crane chick 180601-4, Slimbridge,
Common Crane chick 180601-7, Slimbridge,

Crane and chick.

Mediterranean Gull 180601-5, 1st summer,

1st summer Mediterranean Gull.

Mediterranean Gull 180601-3, 2nd summer,

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull.

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