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On the 5th June:


In California leading an Ibis Tours group, 5 new birds seen today.











Sea Otter. 


In Kazakhstan on a Sound Recording trip for the BBC series 'Realms of the Russian Bear'. 

3 new birds seen today.











Himalayan Rubythroat. 


My final day sound recording seabirds on the Isle of May.

Photos: Left Razorbills, above Shag.


At Brandon Hill near the centre of Bristol, from the top of the Cabot Tower I watched a Honey Buzzard flying over being chased by gulls, it circled the tower then headed towards the Avon Gorge still being chased.


An early start for the long drive to Northumberland, on the way seeing 3 Red Kites west of Leeds and lots of Kestrels. After a couple of wrong turns I eventually found Druridge Pools and then had good views of the drake Baikal Teal, a new bird for me. It spent the whole time feeding, hardly raising its head at all and favoured a spot behind a clump of juncus, which upset the autofocus on my camera.

Later, lunch in Amble where there were 9 Eiders in the harbour, then continued north to Seahouses for a two nights stay.

Baikal Teal 02a, Druridge Pools, 5_9_19.

Baikal Teal

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