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On the 23rd March:


A visit to Cheddar Reservoir where there were low numbers of ducks, about 25 Great Crested Grebes and 2 Long-tailed Ducks, the immature male coming into first summer plumage.


In Belize, 12 new birds seen today.









Photo: American Black Vulture. 


An overnight drive, with Bob Richardson, to Colwick Country Park in Nottingham to see a male Bufflehead, which was only the 2nd British record of this duck. It stayed at a distance with the other ducks, swans and grebes, but good views through the telescope.

Then we drove to Leigh west of Manchester, to Pennington Flash Country Park where there was a 1st summer male Black-faced Bunting which was a 1st British record. Also, with a mixed finch flock we saw 2 Bramblings.


A return visit to Portbury Wharf where there was much the same as yesterday, including the male Ring-necked Duck, but an increase in Chiffchaffs and Meadow Pipits, plus 2 Sand Martins and a Fox.


A morning at Slimbridge where it was the last weekend of the Holden Tower. From it there were 2 male Garganey on the scrape pool, lots of geese on the Dumbles, also 12 Cranes. On the river there was a Great Skua, which was flying up river, then sitting on the water and being carried by the ebbing tide down-stream, it did this several times. The White-fronted Geese flock, of around 145, flew onto the Tack-piece and walked towards the pool, giving good views. On the South Lake were 50+ Avocets, lots of Black-tailed Godwits and a pair of 2nd summer Mediterranean Gulls, one with an almost full hood.

Mediterranean Gull 190323-01, 2nd sum, S
Mediterranean Gull 190323-04, 2nd sum, S

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull.

White-fronted Goose 190323-02, Slimbridg
White-fronted Goose 190323-06, Slimbridg
White-fronted Goose 190323-09, Slimbridg
White-fronted Goose 190323-08, Slimbridg

White-fronted Geese.

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