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On the 28th January:


A drive to Suffock, where near Ipswich we saw a Barn Owl from the car. At Minsmere we saw a female Hen Harrier, 12 Gadwall, around 80 Wigeon, 250 Teal, 14 Shoveler and about 40 Shelducks, also a sighting of a Stoat. There were 20+ Dunlin, a Ringed Plover, 15+ Lapwing, a Redshank, a Greenshank and 4 Spotted Redshanks. From the beach, on the sea, were 2 Red-throated Divers, 3 Great Crested Grebes, a Guillemot, around 20 Common Scoters and a Black-throated Diver.

At Sizewell, not far from the power station, we failed to see the sea eagle, but did see 6 Redpoll, 2 Hen Harriers, 2 Barn Owls, a Short-eared Owl and a Green Woodpecker.


In Tanzania, a drive from Ndutu north across the Serengeti plains to Seronera. 7 new birds seen today and one new mammal.














Photo: Solitary young Lioness.



Overnight in the Brecklands, in the morning we went to Lynford Arboretum, seeing 6 Crossbills and a splendid Two-barred Crossbill, along with Long-tailed, Coal, Blue, Great and 2 Marsh Tits. From here we headed north to Wainfleet Marsh and had excellent views of the Snowy Owl, also around 20 Corn Buntings, about 30 Twite and 500 Brent Geese. On the way home we stopped at Kirkby Moor where there were 9 Parrot Crossbills and around 20 Redpolls. 


Our last morning on Brother's Island, New Zealand,  a last look at the sea, the best I saw were 2 Arctic Skuas. 














Photos: Adult with juvenile White-fronted Tern.



A quick trip to Chew Valley Lake, where in with a flock of Canada Geese, several feral Barnacle Geese and a feral White-fronted Goose was a Tundra Bean Goose, only the second one recorded at the lake.


A sound recording trip to the Forest of Dean, where there were lots of Jays and Crows, one of which was giving a-typical calls, then I recorded calls from 2 Treecreepers chasing each other around, next a Song Thrush giving awareness or alarm calls. There were several Nuthatches giving a variety of calls and a Great Tit singing like a Blue Tit.


Recording below is a compilation featuring Crow, with firstly Treecreepers, then Great Tit and Song Thrush alarm, then two clips of Nuthatch.

Forest of Dean 28/1/01 - Nigel Tucker
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