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On the 28th March:


A visit to Chew Valley Lake where the best birds were 14 Goosander, a male Smew, a Chiffchaff and a Water Rail.


A drive from the Peak District to Scarborough and then the short distance to Scalby Mills. On the sea, near the base of the cliffs we saw the bird we had come for, an adult winter plumaged Ross's Gull, a new bird for us and only the 16th British record, it was often the closest gull so we had excellent views of it.

We also saw Gannets and Fulmars, around 200 Kittiwakes, 2 Little Gulls, an immature Glaucous Gull, an adult and 2nd year Mediterranean Gull and 2 Scandinavian Rock Pipits.






Photos: Adult Ross's Gull.


             Immature Glaucous Gull.


             2nd year Mediterranean Gull.


In Israel, on a sound recording trip, one new bird seen today.











Photo: Sand Partridge. 


In Belize, 11 new birds and 1 new mammal seen today.











Photo: Green Kingfisher. 


A sound recording trip to the New Forest, mainly to record Woodlarks of which I saw 6, also seeing 4 Stonechats, lots of finches and 2 pairs of Lapwings, one bird displaying.

Later, in the woodland I saw Jays, 3 Treecreepers, 2 Nuthatches and several Goldcrests, on the heath there was a Dartford Warbler, also seen were 2 Buzzards and a Kestrel.

Woodlark song - Nigel Tucker
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Woodlark calls - Nigel Tucker
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Lapwing display song - Nigel Tucker
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Goldcrest song - Nigel Tucker
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A sound recording trip to West Sedgemoor to record the heronery, there were at least 6 pairs of Grey Herons that I could see, also at least 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming, with 6+ Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps and lots of tits, chaffinches and Robins, and a Nuthatch.

Heronery - Nigel Tucker
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Grey Herons at nest - Nigel Tucker
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A late afternoon visit to Frampton Sailing Lake, where with the Black-headed Gulls was a 1st winter Bonaparte's Gull. Also 100's of Sand Martins.

Bonaparte's Gull, Frampton, by Paul Tayl

Photo by Paul Taylor.

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