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On the 13th February:


An early morning drive to Dorset, to the village of Moreton, east of Dorchester, where in fields near the village was a White Stork, a new bird for us.

For a long time it was feeding in the soft mud by puddles in the field, taking mainly earth-worms as far as we could see.

Later it moved higher up in the field and fed around the cattle.

Also seen in the area were Stock Doves, a Great Spotted Woodpecker and about 20 Yellowhammers.

We then drove to Lodmoor, but there wasn't much on the marsh, but from the beach opposite we saw a Common Scoter, a Slavonian Grebe and a diver a long way off shore.

Next stop was the Nothe where there were 2 Razorbills, a Black Redstart and a Common Sandpiper.

Continuing to Radipole Lake we saw an adult Mediterranean Gull, 2 Water Rails and a male and female Scaup.



In Ethiopia at Bahar Dar, 42 new birds and 1 new mammal today.













Photo: Pied Kingfisher. 


In Senegal at Sementi, 3 new birds and 2 new mammals today.













Photo: Egyptian Plover.



In Kenya, leaving the Masai Mara to drive to Lake Naivasha. 4 new birds seen.











Photo: Yellow-throated Sandgrouse. 


In Fiji on Viti Levu, birdering and recording around Suva. 9 new birds and 2 new mammals seen today.










Photo: Pacific Golden Plovers. 


At Chew Valley Lake where I saw the 2nd year pale phase Booted Eagle again. I first saw it high over the lake heading towards Herriott's Bridge, as it flew over Herriott's Pool it ganed hight flying into the very bright sun, then it stooped it's legs held down, claws spread and it's wings swept back. It landed at the back of the pool on top of a Coot, which it held down with it's wings spread, it remained holding it's prey for around ten minutes and then began to pluck the Coot's breast feathers and feed. 

It fed in full view for over an hour, dragging the prey a couple of feet now and again, probably to turn it. Then it flew to the trees at the back of the pool to preen, this lasted about ten minutes, then it flew, circled high and disappeared up the valley to the east.

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