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On the 7th February:


On an overcast, cool, drizzlely day we were at Compton on the Berkshire Downs, where along the old railway track and on the down we saw 8 Grey Partridge, 2 Red-legged Partridge, 5 Corn Buntings, 12 Yellowhammers, 5 Reed Buntings, 10 Redpolls, 6 Fieldfares, 2 Short-eared Owls, a Hen Harrier and a Long-eared Owl.


Our first full day in The Gambia seeing 30 new birds and 7 new mammals.












Photo: Long-tailed Cormorant.



In Kenya and our first full day in the Masai Mara, mainly following the 'marsh' Lion pride, 2 new birds seen today.













Photo: 'Marsh' pride Lion cub.


In North Island New Zealand on Little Barrier Island. No new birds today.












Photo: Kaka. 


A very early return to Shire Valley near Marshfield, there were several other birders in the valley and we found the 1st winter male Red-flanked Bluetail in the woodland by the stream.

The bird gave excellent views the whole time, not always sitting in the open and flying from one clump of bushes to another and back again, dropping to the ground to pick up meal-worms which the photographers had put out.

At one stage it seemed to be singing to itself, sub-song, too faint to hear above the stream and by now the 100+ birders along the path.




Video: 1st winter male Red-flanked Bluetail.


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