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On the 7th July:


A visit to Marshfield area, where there were 15+ Corn Buntings, a Hobby and a Little Owl. Another Little Owl with 2 juveniles was seen at Codrington.


A late afternoon/evening drive to Farlington Marsh, then a walk along the sea wall to view the lagoon arriving about 9pm. Shortly after we arrived the Marsh Sandpiper which we had come to see, flew in and landed at the back of the pool at about 25-30 yards distance. A new bird for us, we watched it until the light began to fade.


A trip to Skomer for a 2 night stay, to record Puffins for a BBC programme. During my stay not only were there lots of Puffins, also Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Shags, Herring Gulls, Great and Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Manx Shearwaters, Ravens, Gannets, Wheatears and Chough


After a very uncomfortable night, Pete and I had Bass Rock to ourselves and most of the time was spent recording the Gannets with their variable sized chicks. Later the tourist boat arrived, but there were only a few people, then we all left together back to North Berwick.

Gannet 22a, Bass Rock, 7-7-95.jpg
Gannet 58a, Bass Rock, 7-7-95.jpg
Gannet 44a, Bass Rock, 7-7-95.jpg
Gannet 65a, Bass Rock, 7-7-95.jpg


A return to the Picos de Europa Mountains, on a filming and sound recording trip, for the series Wild Europe made by Green Umbrella Productions.



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