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On the 23rd May:


Another visit to Chew Valley Lake where there was much the same as yesterday, also a Little Owl, a Common sandpiper, 4 Ringed Plovers and a Kingfisher.


In Ontario, 2 new birds and a new amphibian seen today.










Barn Swallow. 


An evening visit to the Gwent Reserve at Magor, where we saw a Night Heron, a new British bird for us, also seen were a Cuckoo and a Hobby.

Drawings of Night Heron by Laurel Tucker.


In the Russia Far East, 4 new birds and a new mammal seen today.












Falcated Duck. 


On a birding holiday to Turkey. no new birds, but a new reptile seen today.


Back at Severn Beach where there were 4 Fulmars and 26 Kittiwakes.


A Red Kite seen flying over the garden in Portishead.


A visit to Slimbridge seeing 6 Common Cranes, 1 sat on a nest in the Rushy Pen, 2 on the South Lake with 2 chicks which stayed mainly hidden in the long grass and another seen from the Zeiss Hide. Also, lots of Avocets many with chicks, several Oytercatchers some with chicks, a Redshank, several pairs of Lapwing, 83 Black-tailed Godwits, lots of warblers, a Cuckoo calling from the top of a tree near the South Lake and 2 Kingfishers, one bring a fish to its nest hole.

Oystercatcher chicks and Common Crane.

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