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On the 16th June:


An evening visit to Leigh Woods where there were 2 Wood Warblers, an adult and immature, 4 Blackcaps, a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Sparrowhawk.


A late afternoon visit to Stock Hill on the Mendips, seeing plenty of Whitethroats, Willow Warblers and Blackcaps, 2 Tree Pipits and 13 Crossbills including several juveniles.


An evening visit to Chew Valley Lake where across the lake were 5000+ Swifts, also a Black-necked Grebe in full summer plumage, 4 Common Terns, a female Ring-necked Duck, a pair of Garganey and a Little Owl.


In California leading an Ibis Tours group, 2 new birds, a new mammal and a new reptile seen today.











Yellow-bellied Marmot. 


In Churchill, Manitoba on a sound recording trip for the BBC series 'Land of the Eagle'. 1 new bird seen today.











Willow Grouse or Ptarmigan. 


A sound recording trip to Devon, mainly in the Halden Forest area, where I saw 3 Honey Buzzards, 2 Buzzards, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Tree Pipit, Turtle Dove, lots of warblers including Garden Warbler, Crossbill, Yellowhammer, Redpoll and 2 Roe Deers. Towards evening I travelled a short distance to an area near Mamhead Park where there were 4 Nightjars.


An evening visit to Stock Hill on the Mendips with the sound recording equipment, seeing a Little Owl, a Hobby, 2 Nightjars there were 3 singing birds and 2 adult Long-eared Owls, the adults were flying around and perching on stumps, calling at times, in the nearby woodland 2 fledged owlets called loudly, but were not seen. Also heard were 2 Tawny Owls and a Canada Goose.

Nightjar song - Nigel Tucker
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Long-eared Owl - Nigel Tucker
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Nightjar's churring song, then wing-claps and call.

2 juvenile Long-eared Owls calling to each other,

one closer than the other.


In northwest Spain on a sound recording trip to the Picos de Europa mountains.

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