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On the 31st January:


In Tanzania at Ngorongoro Crater, where we spent the whole day, 7 new birds and 2 new mammals today.
















Photo: Male Black-bellied Bustard.



Our last full day on the Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand, no new birds today.















Photo: Red-fronted Parakeet.


Back at Westhay to record the masive Starling roost, over 1,000,000 birds coming in to roost in the reedbed. This time a different track though the reserve was chosen, away from people watching the display. Flock after flock came in towards the reserve, joining up and producing incredible shapes in the sky above, continuing to almost dusk, when the majority of the huge flock descended into the reeds. But, the flock didn't stay still, it appeared to roll over itself, moving through the reedbed, with groups moving within the mass, until they had all found their roosting positions. I was surrounded by thousands of birds, along a boardwalk out into the reeds and the noise was deafening.

Starling roost - Nigel Tucker
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A return to the Tesco car park at Bradley Stoke on a mild, dull, damp day, where at first I could only see 6 or 7 Waxwings perched on the tops of the tall trees at the edge of the site, they appeared to be flycatching, often returning to the same perch.

Later, the flock of around 14 birds came down to the car park to feed on Rowan berries from the small trees alongside the cars, which they did several times.








Photos: Waxwings. 

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