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On the 10th November:


A visit to Chew Valley Lake seeing the Great Northern Diver again, also 3 Goosander, a Pintail, 3 Goldeneye, 35 Wigeon and a Weasel. Then to Cheddar Reservoir where there was another Great Northern Diver, a Slavonian Grebe, 20 Great Crested Grebes, c500 Coot and 2 Goldeneye.


A visit to Chew Valley Lake, to the south side of the lake seeing good numbers of duck, including 4 Goldeneyes, 7 Goosanders and 2 Smew, also 5 Green Sandpipers. Then to Stock Hill on the Mendips where 7 Crossbills were the most notable birds seen.


In Ontario, mainly on holiday, with a couple days recording for the BBC. No new birds seen today.

Gray Jay. 

Gray Jay 03a, Algonquin, 11_87.jpg


In Madagascar on a BBC sound recording trip, no new birds, but a new reptile seen today.


Still in North Cornwall where with producer Mike Kendall, we spent most of the day at Boscatle on the cliffs above the Peregrine's nest site. All three juveniles had left the nest and were flying around with the adults, we watched them for most of the day, chasing prey, mainly pigeons, practicing food-passing and bathing in dew pools on top of the cliffs. Later, we returned to Davidstow Moor for the Starling roost seeing at least 6 Buzzards and a Peregrine diving through the flocks as the Starlings gathered.

Juvenile male Peregrine. 

Peregrine 02a, Boscastle, Cornwall, 10_1
Peregrine 04a, Boscastle, Cornwall, 10_1
Peregrine 03a, Boscastle, Cornwall, 10_1


An evening visit to Portbury Wharf seeing the usual birds, also 2 Stonechats and a Barn Owl, and, Concorde was seen flying over.


A visit to Slimbridge where with the 2-3 common Chiffchaffs was a Siberian Chiffchaff, also a real rarity here a Purple Sandpiper.


In the garden in Portishead, the Sparrowhawk was back on top of the hawthorn bush, trapping several House Sparrows inside, it was leaping around the flat top of the bush, also flying around the sides and into the bush. This went o for about 20 minutes, but the hawk didn't catch anything.

Sparrowhawk 21a, Portishead,
Sparrowhawk 24a, Portishead,
Sparrowhawk 27a, Portishead,
Sparrowhawk 28a, Portishead,
Sparrowhawk 29a, Portishead,
Sparrowhawk 30a, Portishead,



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