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On the 14th October:


All day on St. Mary's, at Salakee we saw a Firecrest and at Porth Hellick a Merlin, a Long-billed Dowitcher, a Jack Snipe, a Spotted Redshank and a Wryneck. At the Airport there were 5 Wheatears and a Tree Pipit and at Peninnis a Turtle Dove. On the Golf Course we saw 2 Whinchats, at Telegraph there were 4 Black Redstarts and in Holy Vale a Pied Flycatcher.


Overnight on St. Mary's, most of the day was spent on the island, before returning to St. Agnes. The highlights during this time were 8 Whinchats, 13 Wheatears, the immature Rose-coloured Starling again, 5 Black Redstarts, 2 Ring Ouzels, a Red-breasted Flycatcher, finding a Rustic Bunting at Salakee, a Redstart, a Merlin, 2 Turtle Doves, a Yellow Wagtail and a Short-toed Lark

Short-toed Lark by Laurel Tucker. 

Short-toed Lark, LAT, St Mary's, 14_10_7


A sunnier, warmer day on St. Agnes where we had much better views of the Booted Warbler, a new bird for us. 

Later, we took the boat to St. Mary's where we saw the Red-eyed Vireo again, a Siskin, a Hooded Crow, a Redstart, a Yellow-browed Warbler, 2 Firecrests, a Jack Snipe and a probable Melodious Warbler.

Back on St. Agnes we watched the Booted Warbler again, also seeing a Firecrest and a Merlin. Then later on Gugh we saw an immature Rose-coloured Starling, probably the one from St. Mary's.

Drawings of Booted Warbler by Laurel Tucker.

Booted Warbler, LAT 02, St. Agnes, 14_10
Booted Warbler, LAT 01, St. Agnes, 14_10
Booted Warbler, LAT 03, St. Agnes, 14_10


On St. Agnes where we saw a Merlin while waiting for the boat to St. Mary's. 

Then a walk to the Airport where on the grassy edge we saw a Bobolink.

Back on St. Agnes a different Subalpine Warbler had been found, the 3rd one this week.

Later, while walking to the pub, I rounded a bend in the track and saw a rail disappearing into cover, with pale yellowish legs, but white under-tail coverts - a possible Spotted Crake.


Bobolink 02a, St Mary's, 14-10-83.jpg


A visit to Cheddar Reservoir where there were lots of Lapwing, a few Golden Plover and a Marbled Teal, of unknown origin.


In Tennessee on a BBC sound recording trip, 1 new bird and a new reptile seen today.


A migration watch from the garden in Portishead from 8.30 - 10am, seeing 15 Meadow Pipits, 42 Chaffinches, a Skylark, 3 Redwings, a Fieldfare, 24 Siskins and a Mistle Thrush.



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