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On the 14th June:


Most of the day spent at Chew Valley Lake seeing a Great Crested Grebe with chicks on it's back, 5 male Ruddy Ducks, other ducks including a male Pintail and a pair of Shelducks with 10 ducklings. There were good numbers of warblers, a Cuckoo, a Yellow Wagtail and 4 Tree Sparrows with 3 juveniles. Later, at Barrow Tanks we saw 2 Spotted Flycatchers and a Treecreeper.


In California leading an Ibis Tours group, 5 new birds and 3 new mammals seen today.












Yellow-bellied Marmot. 


A lunchtime drive to fields at Channel View Farm alongside the Severn Estuary in Clevedon Bay, where there was a Black-winged Praticole, a 2nd Somerset record and my 2nd in Britain. Also seen was a Little Owl.


In Kansas on a sound recording trip for the BBC series 'Land of the Eagle'. 2 new mammals seen today.












In northwest Spain on a sound recording trip to the Picos de Europa mountains.

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