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On the 19th October:


An early morning drive to Weymouth, on the way seeing a Barn Owl. At Radipole Lake the only bird of note was a Tree Pipit, stopping at Ferrybridge there were lots of small waders including a Sanderling. We continued to Portland where we saw a Dartford Warbler, 13 Stonechats, a Black Redstart, 9 Redwing, 13 Swallows, lots of Corn Buntings, a Little Owl and a Long-eared Owl. On the way home we called in at Lodmoor where there was a 'red-spot' Bluethroat.


We started the day on St. Mary's, at Salakee seeing 3 Turtle Doves and 2 Firecrests, then at Porthcressa beach we saw a Black Redstart. Later, we took the boat to Tresco, where on the Great Lake, we saw a Spotted Crake, a Water Rail, a Scaup, a Barnacle Goose, a Long-billed Dowitcher, a Black-tailed Godwit and a male Black Duck. Back on St. Mary's, at Porthcressa we saw a Red-breasted Flycatcher.


In Virginia on a BBC sound recording trip, 2 new birds seen today.

Tundra Swan. 

Tundra Swan 02a, Maryland, 10_87.jpg


A drive to Prawle Point in Devon to see a Chestnut-sided Warbler, but it had gone! A few birds around including a Siskin, 2 Ravens, a Peregrine and a Merlin.


In the garden in Portishead there was a Jay, a male Brambling and the Comma was still present.


In the garden in Portishead where there was a tame Robin, a Jay flew into the Plum Tree very briefly and there was a Siskin at the feeder.

I saw 3 large flocks of Starlings totalling around 1,000 birds flying north and a few flocks of Chaffinches flying over.


Robin 04a, Portishead, 20_10_15.jpg



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