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On the 30th June:


An afternoon and evening in the Forest of Dean, in the Beechenhurst Enclosure we saw 6 pairs of Whinchats, 4+ Whitethroats, a pair of Kestrels, a Sparrowhawk, c25 Redpolls, a Tree Pipit, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers, 4 Jays and 2 Wood Warblers with one bird feeding by the side of the track. Then we went to Nags Head Reserve seeing another Whinchat and at least 2 Woodcocks. Returning to our first location we heard 2 Grasshopper Warblers 'reeling', saw a Barn Owl and 2 Nightjars with another 2 heard 'churring', one bird gave excellent views sitting on the path ahead of us, we watched it fly up after a moth and return to the path.


Leading a birdwatching holiday to Northern Spain.


A drive to Suffolk on the way seeing 15-20 Red Kites, mainly east of Birmingham.

Between the villages of Icklingham and Lackford, the Roller I had come to see was sitting on telegraph wires across a grassy field. A new British bird for me.

The bird had been in this spot for around a week, all the other Rollers I had been for were one day birds!

A little distant, but good through the telescope, it would drop to the grass every so often, then back to the wires. Occasionally it flew around, showing its colours well.

Also, towards the back of the field, was a Stone-curlew sat camouflage against a group of thistles, preening.

Photos: two right my record photos. Below proper photo by Tim Smith.

Roller, Suffolk, photo by Tim Smith.jpg
Roller 02, Icklingham, Suffolk, 30-6-21.jpeg
Roller 01, Icklingham, Suffolk, 30-6-21.jpeg



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