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On the 28th February:


A day out birding in the local area with Detlef Davies. First visiting Ashton Court where we saw around 200 Redwings and 2 Stock Doves.

Then to the Gordano Valley, where a walk through the pastures and visit to the rubbish dump at Weston-in-Gordano produced 50 Lapwings, 2 Mallard, 97 Snipe, 3 Buzzards, a Kestrel, 3 Reed Buntings, 2 Long-tailed Tits, 10 Dunnocks, a Grey Heron and a Pheasant.

Finally a stop at Clevedon Harbour where there were 2 Curlew, around 120 Dunlin and 9 Redshank.





Photo: Detlef scanning the Gordano                      Valley.


We were at Cheddar Quarry, where the local birdwatchers had negotiated entry to the site with the Electricity Board.

They use the old quarry to test pylons and would only allow viewing the site from a gantry along one side of the quarry, which ment that only a few birdwatchers could be there at any one time, so we had to wait our turn.

The male Wallcreeper was spending most of its time here, occasionally flying to the gorge, but not for long.  

Dispite the rain we had excellent views of the bird, as close as 30 yards at times, and it frequently flashed its wings revealing the crimson colour and large white spots on its primaries.

On the way home we stopped at Chew Valley Lake where the highlights were 18 Pintail, a male Merlin and a Barn Owl.

Drawing by Laurel Tucker.


A bright, sunny, cold day and a walk in Leigh Woods, where we saw a male Hawfinch and had another flying over, also a Great Spotted Woodpecker, lots of tits including 3 Marsh Tits, one of which was singing, 4 Nuthatches and a displaying Goldcrest.


Our last day in Cyprus and a new bird on our drive west, a Black Francoln.


In Pakistan and today a drive northwest to Kirthar National Park. 6 new birds and 1 new mammal seen.


In Kenya at Lake Baringo. 3 new birds seen today.











Photo: White-browed Coucal. 

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