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On the 17th January:


A day spent at Chew Valley Lake were we saw the male Ferruginous Duck again, an immature Long-tailed Duck and a female Smew. Other ducks were in low numbers except for Pochard and Wigeon, but there were good numbers of waders with masses of Lapwing, around 100 Golden Plover, 50+ Dunlin, 5 Ruff, a Black-tailed Godwit, a Redshank and 2 Snipe.

In the hedgerow and field behind Morton Hide were around 70 Tree Sparrows, 40 Reed Buntings, 40 Chaffinches and a Brambling, later in this area we also saw a Merlin.


At the River Cass, South Island New Zealand, where the best bird seen was a Caspian Tern.

















Photo: Double-banded Plover.


A day in the Forest of Dean, starting at Parkend Church where, while waiting for Crossbills to appear, there were lots of tits including 2 Marsh Tits, also a Treecreeper and several Nuthatches. A bit later a flock of about 30 Crossbills flew over, calling, with a couple landing in the trees, but not close, then they flew off. After a bit more time 4 or 5 Crossbills returned to the trees in the car park, a couple dropping to the ground to drink from a puddle, giving excellent views.

From there I went to Cannop Ponds, on the lower pond there were few ducks, but I did see another Marsh Tit. On the upper pond, more ducks including 5 Mandarins. Then I went to find Soudley Ponds which I hadn't been to before, on the top pond the commonest duck was Mandarin with at least 15 seen, also there was a small flock of Siskins and a Raven.

Marsh Tit 190117-1aa, Parkend, FoD.jpg
Crossbill 190117-2, Parkend, FoD.jpg

Marsh Tit at Parkend Church

Crossbill 190117-1, Parkend, FoD.jpg

Crossbill at Parkend Church

Mandarin Duck 190117-1, Cannop Ponds, Fo

Crossbill at Parkend Church

Mandarin Duck at Cannop Ponds

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